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Glenn Beck defends the ‘Jesus Pancake’

There’s a big flap over a flapjack in the news and the Christian blogosphere this week. The whole thing began on Good Friday when a cook in the Cowgirl Café of Norco, CA was trying to make a Mickey Mouse pancake but ended up with something wholly (holy?) unexpected instead: a johnnycake with the face of Jesus on it. Gary Henderickson, who, along with his wife Karen, owns the Cowgirl Café, described what happened to ABC News:

Original 3-lobed Jesus pancake.
Gary Henderickson

“The night before, she (Karen) decides to pray about something and the next day on Good Friday we get this pancake. To us it looks like a picture of Jesus looking down, like he’s looking down over us.”

The happy couple has put the holy hotcake in the freezer until they can find a more permanent way of preserving it, but the story and a picture of it has been picked up by news and other media and people are now arguing over whether or not it’s a miracle. Even at the Cowgirl Café, opinion is divided.

From the Press-Enterprise:

Server Edgar Ceja said he could see a face in the pancake.

“But I don’t know about the whole Jesus thing,” he said after taking an order.

Customer Ernie Soliz, a 46-year-old Norco man, looked at the picture of the pancake on his way out Tuesday.

It looks more like Abraham Lincoln,” he said, laughing.

And now, Glenn Beck is adding his two cents worth. On his radio program yesterday, Beck defended the possibility that the Jesus pancake was indeed a divinely-inspired message from God.

“I’m not one that buys into the, you know, toast and the pancake and stuff like that, but I’m also not willing to reject things that people interpret as a good sign of hope…”

“I don’t want to question God,” said Beck. “I really believe we are entering a season of miracles… and I’m not going to [second?] guess on somebody else’s miracle that’s giving them peace.”

To emphasize the possibility of a miracle, Beck put an image of the face on the Shroud of Turin and a photo of the Jesus Pancake side-by-side and remarked upon the similarities, mainly “the shape of the nose.”

His co-hosts however, were unimpressed.

“What are you talking about?” Stu Burguiere scoffed. “It’s not similar at all. You’re looking for things you want to find.”

You can see the whole exchange in the video provided by Right Wing Watch.

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