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"Glee" Star Final Film Shares the Spotlight with "Old Dogs" Early Halloween

"Glee" star Corey Monteith's has supporting role in "McCanick" film.
"Glee" star Corey Monteith's has supporting role in "McCanick" film.
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On the DVD scene today is the release of “McCanick,” a quiet little film that is most noted for Corey Monteith’s final performance.

Monteith, who died last year at the age of 31, showed he might have had promising film career in his supporting role as a young drugged out hustler who has a secret on the title character, played to great intensity by underrated actor David Morse.

Morse plays a narcotics detective who goes rogue when he hears that Monteith is released from jail. Morse stops at nothing to track down Monteith, also showing the gritty side of Philadelphia in his pursuits.

Likely a film easily dismissed due to Monteith’s good boy image from “Glee” and likely not to win over any Gleeks. But still quite the curio to see the final performance of Monteith, whose career just scratched the surface.

It’s available on all platforms today. Check out other titles from Well Go USA Entertainment at If celebration of the “McCanick” DVD release, I am offering a free DVD copy of the movie to the first person who can email the name of the actress that has played in all of the director’s feature films released to date.

If your day is meant to sticking with TV and computer viewing, you might also want to catch up with the men from “Old Dogs & New Tricks,” a fun gay web series that I wrote about in a previous article and called it the gay version of “Sex and the City.” The boys of “Dogs” now have a special short film that was released a few weeks ago entitled “WeHo Horror Story.” Maybe a little ill timed as best if saved for Halloween. Still, this is a great teaser for the season to come as our four LA men all get entangled in different adventures and mysteries all the while dressed up for Halloween. Who doesn’t love a queen in a costume!

Catch up with the series before the fall’s season three begins and watching the very funny “WeHo Horror Story” by going to

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