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'Girl Fight:' True story based on video beating of Victoria Lindsay

A police file photo shows a severly beaten Victoria Lindsay
A police file photo shows a severly beaten Victoria Lindsay
Police file photo

"Girl Fight" is a 2011 true story movie based on the YouTube beating video of Victoria Lindsay also known as 'Tori' Lindsay. The movie originally aired on Lifetime television as a based on a true story movie. All the names and locations were changed. The real story happened in Florida.

Victoria Lindsay's story made headlines in 2008 when a video surfaced on YouTube, which showed 6 girls beating Lindsay while two male teens waited outside the home.

According to sources, Victoria, who was not living at home with her parents at the time, was lured to the home where the girls beat her until she was completely unconscious. Once she regained consciousness, the girls beat her again.

The girl fight beating was so severe that her own parents did not recognize her. In fact, the Lifetime movie version was mild compared to what really happened.

"I just got jumped," said Victoria Lindsay, after dialing 911 to report the beating.

After the beating, the girls proudly posted their girl fight video on MySpace and Youtube. The video went viral. Most of the public was sickened by the video.

According to The Ledger, the teens who participated in the beating are:

"April Cooper, 14; Britney Mayes, 17; Kayla Hassell, 15; Brittini Hardcastle, 17; Cara Murphy, 16; and Mercades Nichols, 17. The other two teens are Zachary Ashley, 17, and Stephen Schumaker, 18, who were accused of acting as lookouts during the incident."

Brittini Hardcastle was said to be the ring leader of the fight. Hardcastle, was the only one to actually serve 15 days jail time for the crime. She was pregnant at the time. She begged the judge for mercy and expressed regret for her actions.

The only motive given for beating Victoria Lindsay was that she was "trash talking."

Today many of the accused have their own children.

According to public records, Victoria Lindsay was arrested in 2010 for marijuana possession, domestic battery simple in 2011, and driving while under the influence in 2012.

In 2013, Lindsay seems to be doing well. She studied at Dental Assistant Institute, and is currently working as a loan officer in the banking industry. Lindsay is also doing some promotional gigs.

The movie "Girl Fight" is currently shown on Lifetime Movie Network.

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