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Ginja has been rescued once again

Hopefully now Ginja will get the chance in life that every animal deserves!
Guardians of Rescue

On April 2nd, Examiner reported about the abduction of Ginja, a canine victim of a vicious dogfighting ring, that was rescued only to be stolen once again from the shelter she had been placed in Buffalo, New York. According to Robert Misseri, the President of the Guardians of Rescue, a New York-based group, dedicated to the rescue and safety of ‘man’s best friend,’ “This poor dog was placed in a shelter only to be seized for a purported return to the ring. She has defied the odds once again.”

The canine had previously been seized in a felony animal cruelty case. Her owner had been arrested and later charged with four counts of felony dog training for the purpose of fighting. Ginja had been placed in a shelter for only a short time before she was stolen once again. This is when Animal Rights Attorniey, Matt Albert, contacted the Guardians of Rescue to enlist their assistance. He also enlisted the help of a private investigator.

“She had not only been injured from her bouts in the ring, but was returned with a heavy chain around her neck and malnourished,” says Misseri. Ginja was rescued after the fund raising efforts produced $7,000 - Guardians of Rescue added $5,000 to the $2,000 already raised by Mr. Albert, for her safe return.

“Given the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, her whereabouts will be kept a secret, as we don’t want a repeat of the last scenario,” says one of Guardians of Rescue’s private investigators on the case.

Until the Guardians of Rescue can help locate Ginja a forever home, she will be placed in the loving home of a rescuer that will help nurse her back to health. “It is our hope that our campaign to rescue this mistreated dog will result in an awareness of the horrific dogfighting rings, and demand action to end it. We are also excited by the prospect of Ginja finally becoming a part of someone’s family, and elated to have played a part in this happy ending. With more people willing to put a stop to this cruel sport, we have a chance of curtailing it. Ginja can serve as the ‘poster dog’ in the campaign, a well-deserved honor and spend the rest of her life fighting for kisses,” says Misseri.

Although her life began miserably because she faced death each time she entered the fighting ring, it is the hope that her life forward will be loving and kind; placing her in a forever home where she will have a family all of her own. Guardians of Rescue want to thank each and every individual involved in the efforts to rescue Ginja. They are very excited about the success everyone’s efforts brought to the life of this female canine.

Going forth, Guardians of Rescue will continue to provide assistance to animals out on the streets, helping to rescue them, provide them with medical care, food and shelter, and finding them foster home placement. To learn more about Guardians of Rescue, log onto

Good luck Ginja! You deserve only the best from here on out!

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