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Gina Miller: Liberal Christians & non-Chrisitans are all Satanic

Gina Miller

On March 11th, 2014, Gina Miller wrote a column for the website BarbWire, home of the Satan-obsessed Matt Barber, that more than lives up to the standard set by her employer.

Miller attempts to rebut a Pew report and subsequent column arguing that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world because because it is the world's biggest religion, it seeks converts, and is a religion of martyrdom.

Miller does not dispute that Christians are being persecuted. Instead, she attributes it to Satan.

According to Miller, all non-Christian religions, as well as liberal Christians, are Satanic.

From the beginning of time, Satan and the other fallen angels (demons) have made war against the Lord and His creation. It is their sole mission to steal, kill and destroy what God has made and to keep as many people as possible from the knowledge of salvation through Jesus. In this mission, they have heaped deception upon deception for mankind. They have created countless false doctrines and distractions to mislead and deceive people into taking the path to Hell. The world's false religions—all those whose foundation is not solely the Gospel of Christ—lead to one place: eternal damnation and separation from God. This includes false, so-called "Christian" religions that deny Christ as the only Way to salvation, and instead, rely on traditions of men and on works to "earn" salvation, something we could never earn.

The frenzied, irrational hatred people of the world have for Christians is inspired by, and based in, Satan's hatred for God and His people. It's a demonic hatred found in people who have rejected the Lord. Have you ever noticed that there is not the same deep hatred for non-Christians and non-Christian religions? Satan doesn't hate his own work; he aggressively promotes and supports it. Supernatural hatred for Christians and Jews exists because they are God's people, the real deal, chosen by Him from the foundation of the world to be miraculously reconciled to Him. We simply remind Satan of his eternal defeat and the fact that his time as "the god of this world" is short and growing to a close. He is furious in his great loss.

This is hardly a new low for Miller. She had previously come to this column's attention for insisting that gay marriage is part of a Satanic plot to murder Christians.

Miller doesn't even stop there. She proceeds to describe anyone who supports the separation of church and state: "The Word of the Lord is true, and every bit of it will come to pass. This is why we see such a feverish effort by satanically-inspired people to eradicate all vestiges of Christianity in America today. The campaign has its source in the demonic realm."

That would make the Founding Fathers Satanists.

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