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Giffords anti-gun group refutes 'gun lobby is impotent' myth

If the NRA is a 'paper tiger,' the Giffords/Kelly group must be a 'paper goat'
If the NRA is a 'paper tiger,' the Giffords/Kelly group must be a 'paper goat'
John Moore/Getty Images

It has become popular in pro-"gun control" circles to claim that "the gun lobby" (always used as a synonym for the NRA--reality notwithstanding) is a "paper tiger," and that politicians should therefore not fear the consequences of attacking gun rights. This gambit makes sense for the forcible citizen disarmament lobby, because in politics, perception is reality--if an entity is thought to have lost political power, it will likely soon lose it in fact,

That also explains why the Bloomberg Moms (BMs) of "Moms Demand Action" trumpet such "victories" as Starbucks not barring armed customers (and in fact making it corporate policy not to ask them to leave) as "demanded," and Facebook not banning private gun sales as "demanded." Regarding their demands that Staples disarm its customers, the BMs just straight up lied about having "won." Again, the more power the can convince people they have, the more they will actually have.

So when a hyper-zealous "gun control" group acknowledges that they have taken a pasting from the pro-rights side--in the immediate wake of one of the most infamous mass shootings (and probably the most exploited) in American history, no less--that statement should probably be taken seriously. And a fundraising email today from Mark Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and along with Giffords, the face of the anti-gun group "Americans for Responsible Solutions," says precisely that:

There’s also the practical matter of keeping pace with the gun lobby.

During the 2012 election cycle, the NRA spent over $20 million to impact the outcomes of campaigns across the country.

Since Sandy Hook, nearly two-thirds of the laws passed by state legislatures have loosened gun restrictions, so you can begin to get a sense of the return on their investment…

And Kelly didn't even mention the supposedly "paper tiger" NRA's recent demonstration of its ability to at the very least throw a very large monkey wrench in the confirmation of virulently anti-gun Dr. Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General--proof, as recognized even by the decidedly anti-gun Paul M. Barrett, that the NRA still has teeth (when it finally decides to use them).

Again, though, the "gun lobby" is us--gun rights advocates from all walks of life who will not be robbed of our Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms. And we are far from powerless.

Hear us roar, Mark Kelly, and tremble.

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