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Giant rock rolls through building in Italy flattening it: Earth wobble heats up

giant boulder roll through buildings
giant boulder roll through buildings

The latest in earth wobble incidents include a giant rock that broke free of a cliff side and rolled through a building in Italy, flattening it. Without a doubt, the effects of the earth wobble are being felt more frequently and more catastrophically around the world.

Rolling stones: Giant boulders flatten buildings

On Monday and Tuesday of last week, the earth was a rockin’ and a rollin’ nonstop, from sea to shining sea. Is it becoming clear yet that something is very wrong with Planet Earth? The the world that we once knew as normal is fast fading away and will soon be completely gone?

During that same time frame last week, a cliff face in Tramin, Italy, broke off a hillside and sent massive boulders crashing down, one of them flattening a barn and ending up in a vineyard, near a second boulder, dislodged in a previous rock slide. A third boulder rolled toward the main section of the building, stopping just a few feet shot of the house and narrowly missing a car.

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In just two days, Jan 20-21, buildings have collapsed in Texas and the UK, and bridges in Maryland and New Jersey. Explosions ripped through two US plants (one in Nebraska and the other in Oklahoma) and a gigantic explosion happened in Canada, “just blocks from the city’s nuclear power plant.”

Loud booms rattled windows in South Carolina and elsewhere, quake swarms shook the Philippines, as well as areas in the US, and a major earthquake rumbled through New Zealand, followed by dozens of aftershocks. Part of a hillside there also broke off unleashing a massive boulder that also rolled down the hillside.

In Tramin, the boulders flattened 300-year-old house causing damage in the millions. A drone captured footage of the trail of destruction left behind by the rockfall in northern Italy. (See slideshow.) The property, called The Freisingerhof, is owned by the Servite Order of the Catholic church. No one was hurt, but residents have been evacuated from the area, as geologists fear there is further risk of rock falls.

In November and December 2013 and continuing into January, massive cracks and crevasses opened in too many places to count - too many to ignore.

Is it clear yet that these events have nothing to do with "global warming"? Something is radically wrong on Planet Earth. Can any one say "Planet X"?