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Giant 'Gorgakh' killed in Pakistan

An amazing photo was posted to YouTube on Thursday of a strange, alien-like creature, locally called a "Gorgakh", and killed by villagers in Swabi, Pakistan.

What is this giant alien creature killed in pakistan?
ShaanePakistan @YouTube

The reason for all the amazement is because the creature is so unusually large. Some speculate it is a giant version of a Pangolin, an anteater or armadillo, found on the African continent.

But those animals generally don't grow beyond three feet in length. The one in the photo is as big as a full-grown man and twice as wide.

Naturally, many people are calling it an alien. That's because it bears an uncanny resemblance to the monster in the Alien movie franchise. It's got a scaly coat, a gigantic, droopy head with a long snout and thick legs with immense claws.

Locals in Pakistan are claiming the creature is responsible for digging up and eating dead bodies and possesses supernatural abilities. Perhaps that's why they killed it.

In the photo, men and children gathered around the beast seem to be laughing and not at all afraid. But if an armadillo like this ever showed up in the US, most people would run away from it in terror.

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