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Ghostly animals in Great Britan

It's hard to believe that animals can come back from the dead and haunts us. It sounds almost like Stephen King's "Pet Sematary." There are stories though that say that people have seen animal spirits either it be an eyewitness account or some an old legend about the home. These stories came from Great Britain, a place steep with history. Laugh if you want, but some believe that these ghosts are real!

The Ghost Cat-Tower of London

In All Hallows Church, there is a story about an organist that died, and before he died, his one wish was that he wanted his cat to be buried with him, once the beloved pet died also. Well the Vicar didn't agree with that, so he didn't bury the Persian cat with its deceased owner. Now as the story goes, the cat haunts the All Hallows Church wandering around looking for its owner.

The Ghost Monkey-Athelhampton Hall, Dorset

The Marthyn family owned a monkey that accidentally got stuck in a room, while following one of its owners that were planning a suicide. It's a dreadful and sad story, the young girl that it followed died, and the poor creature died also from starvation. Its spirit is never seen, but it can be felt and heard, especially scratching noises can be heard. It's a very sad tale for both the young woman and the family pet.

Ghost Goose-Melsonby, Yorkshire

Supposedly and quite oddly enough there is said to be a white goose that haunts the area. It likes to run around, and was said to have scared a horse once. The bird also has seen by many people. Not sure if it's friendly or not.

Ghost Pigs-Merripit Hill, Dartmor

A phantom sow and her little ones are said to be haunting the countryside. So if you see a mother pig and her babies they might actually be ghosts. That's some wicked bacon!

Ghost Rabbit-Thetford Warren Lodge

The Thetford Warren Lodge was built by monks. One of its visitors is a ghost of a white rabbit that has been seen several times. The animal likes to hop around the area. This one Easter Bunny that the children won't want to see!

So that's a brief but strange look at some animals that are said to haunt Great Britain. It's up to the reader on what to believe if these animals are truly haunting the place or are just legends!


Real British Ghosts

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