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‘Ghost Hunters’ introduces full spectrum POV glasses to the hunt

Jason Hawes
Media Village/NBCUniversal

In the season premiere of “Ghost Hunters”, which aired in Wednesday, January 22, the team donned its latest piece of paranormal investigation equipment. The high definition full spectrum POV glasses allow team members to record everything in their field or vision in full spectrum while doing paranormal investigations.

Pete Stagman from designed the high definition POV full-spectrum glasses specifically for ghost hunting, as many believe that ghosts and spirits invisible to the naked eye can be seen under full spectrum light. According to Stagman, the wearer of the glasses does not see in full spectrum, but the glasses record a full spectrum version of whatever the investigator sees. He is currently working on glasses that would allow paranormal investigators to see in full spectrum.

"The original reason I made them was because when you are carrying a handheld camera and hear a noise or see something out of the corner of your eye, you turn your head, but the camera stays forward. I wanted a way to be able to catch what I saw." says Stagman.

This means that when Jason Hawes and the “Ghost Hunter” team hear a noise or investigate seeming paranormal activity the glasses record more than meets the eye and may capture evidence lurking outside the normal range of human vision.

The glasses have a webcam function and work with Windows Media, Real Player, Storm Codec and QuickTime. They have a 170-degree, wide angle lens with 5.0 megapixels. The glasses can be purchased for less than $150 from the , but are currently sold out.

The onslaught of visitors to following Jason Hawes’ Facebook post directing fans to that page for more information about the glasses rendered the site temporarily inaccessible Thursday morning.

Stagman says the glasses should be back in stock in a few days. He says he was unprepared for the sudden demand for the glasses.

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