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Getting the Wet Look Easily

The wet look is worn in many ways.

By Gina Rivera, Founder Phenix Salon Suites

Here’s another athletic look that made the runways and survived, for good reason: it’s easy to do, really cool and works with a lot of different clothes in a lot of settings.

Conveniently, it looks like you’ve just been to the gym, or like you just walked in from the rain. So, if either of these is actually the case, you’re in luck.

The wet look can broadcast that you're athletic, and very busy, too busy to dry your hair or do more than comb it back straight with some product. You’ve got time to wash your hair quickly but not for much else. Then you’re back to work in that superhero steel-grey executive suit, and you look awesome.

This look can also convey an undone, carefree look with a change in clothes and soft makeup. The variation is virtually endless, but the look is always clean, which I like a lot.

Getting this look takes about as little time as the finished product implies. It also keeps that really clean, just-washed look going strong. You absolutely can do this right after a workout. After washing or rinsing your hair, dry it with a towel and, if you have it, use a blow dryer but only briefly. You want your hair damp but not soaked. Then apply a little nourishing oil and a gel or pomade for hold and shine. Comb each through. Especially if you have a lot of hair, apply in sections working from the roots down. For long hair and a curl, try twisting small sections. Just let it air dry.

You can also do this look tight and uniform, pull it back into a ponytail or bun, but the trend is to give it some volume and body around the scalp, which you can do with this wet look by scrunching it up or back, then gathering in a tail or loose fish braid. If you want a lot of hold, finish with a gloss hairspray.

The only mistake you can really make is to add too much product. Experiment. It will vary with your hair and humidity. Also, ask your stylist to work with you to get this down. He or she can show you in a flash how to pull this off and change the look through the day.

When this appeared on the runways predicting the spring and summer designs, many of the looks were pretty severe. That is easily achieved but the looser, softer looks work great with these techniques. Play with it, have fun!

And, as always, be open to change!

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