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Getting behind the wheel of Venus

Do you notice how those around you are drifting into your lane of the highway as you are driving? Have you been stuck behind someone that seems to not be able to make up their mind in which lane to drive? This is not just happening to you, but to everyone else on the road. Are you someone who seems to be driving aimlessly and not remembering where you are going? When driving it takes more than just paying attention, it is also about the direction you are going once you get behind the wheel.

We have been in Venus retrograde for over one month now and you would think by now you would understand what has been going on. Venus is one of those planets that everyone seems to love to have around, as it reminds them of the energy of love. Venus in retrograde however also brings with it not just love, but how you view love and is the love in the right direction that you are driving? Kind of like taking a back seat to looking at love as it is reviewed right before your eyes. And understanding that when engaging with other individuals to not react right away but sit back and view it for what it really is. Now I realize that is hard to do as we all have our perception of what we want love to be and everyone seems to forget the message of “it is not what we want, but what we need”. If you can do this right now then you are ahead of the game these last few days as Venus starts drifting back to the right direction. You are the driver of your own direction; your hands are upon the wheel, time to buckle up.

Where are you drifting when, you should be directing? As this energy of Venus retrograde drifts out to go direct on the 27th of this month, it is reminding you at the last minute of what is really going on. As it has been said before sit back and allow the truth to present itself, do not engage with others when the energy of love is being pulled from those around you for them to see what love really is. How much do they love others and more importantly themselves?

“Hello…Hello...I am still here” is what Venus is saying. This is one time that we really do not want Venus to remind us and at the same time we do. Where are you drifting in your thoughts, in your life and in the directions you are going? What is really getting your attention when you should be paying attention and to be aware of all that is going on around you? Where are you steering yourself, remember the wheel is in your hands. Why would you rather be drifting along when you know that you need to keep directing?

It is time to take inventory and ask yourself, why do I keep directing all of my energy towards something that is getting me nowhere? Why am I directing all my energy towards others when I need to direct my own self in where I am going? Why am I looking to drift my love away when I need to direct it to myself and those around me?

It is time to really pay attention to your surroundings and to direct yourself back on track. July offers a multitude of wonderful energy as it allows the explosions of what you have been directing in June to present itself. If there is anything that needs to explode in July it is what you have been positively directing and not drifting in. All that you have been directing in June comes right back to you in July this year, so this last week of June start directing the Love back to where it needs to be to have the flow of Love directing you in July. The steering wheel of Venus direct is in your hands in what direction shall you go?

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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