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Georgia governor signs expanded carry law

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed expanded concealed carry legislation Wednesday.
Davis Turner/Getty Images

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal today signed legislation that will expand where law-abiding citizens can carry firearms in the state, including some government buildings, and even churches if the church allows.

This will give gun owners gathering in Indianapolis later this week for the National Rifle Association’s 143rd annual convention something more to smile about. They are already chuckling over billionaire former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s rocky launch of his $50 million so-called “grassroots” gun control effort, “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

According to published reports from the Washington Times and Associated Press, “a few hundred” gun rights supporters were present for Gov. Deal’s bill signing ceremony. Under the new law, which becomes effective July 1, armed citizens can carry into bars without restrictions. Also, school districts could allow employees to carry “under certain conditions,” the newspaper reported.

Anti-gunners from the Georgia Gun Sense Coalition were reportedly holding an event in downtown Atlanta to honor “gun victims.” That seems to follow a meme put forth in an editorial in New Jersey’s Star-Ledger that opened with the line, “When guns result in bloodshed…”

Gun rights advocates insist that guns do not cause crime, nor are there “gun victims” or “gun violence.” Criminals misusing guns, typically obtained through illicit means, are the problem, and violence is bad regardless what kind of weapon is used, they contend.

While the local press has dubbed this the “Guns Everywhere” law, that is not entirely accurate, but it has allowed anti-gunners to create that impression. A look around the country reveals that, with millions of citizens licensed to carry into places in their states that Georgia’s expanded law will now allow, there are rarely any problems. Most of the time, if firearms are concealed properly, nobody is any the wiser.

This will be demonstrated thousands of times over in Indianapolis this weekend, as upwards of 70,000 people are expected to gather for the NRA convention. According to the NRA website, “During the 143rd NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits the carry of personal firearms will be permitted in the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium with the proper license in accordance with Indiana law. When carrying your firearm, always adhere to all Federal, state and local laws.”

Examiner will be reporting from the convention through the weekend.

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