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Gennady "GGG" Golovkin vs. Daniel Geale: Mortal Kombat

Golovkin, seen here stalking the powerful Curtis Stevens, will hunt down and break Daniel Geale.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

"Finish Him!"

These had to be my two favorite words in all of my video-game splendor during the 90's. "Mortal Kombat" was my answer to blood lust in between ramen noodles, books and assignments I wanted absolutely nothing to do with.

The fights were epic, as were the characters and visuals. But one thing about those games - and the characters - was how predictable they were. Gennady "GGG" Golovkin is a lot like "Sub-Zero", the guy just freezes your ass. A lot of times this happens before you even try to play him. You would think you've done what you had to do to prepare going in, then the next thing you know you're sliding all over the canvas and bleeding.

Daniel Geale - the dynamic Australian from Tasmania; with his energetic, Tazmanian Devil-like attacking style thinks he can ice Golovkin, but he'll have to walk through fire to do it.

The question is- can he? On paper at least, the answer would be a resounding "yes". When "GGG" was making his HBO debut in the U.S. by bludgeoning Gregorz Proksa, Daniel Geale was putting a finishing coat of paint on Felix Sturm to successfully defend his IBF middleweight crown. Prior to that, he was spanking Golovkin's latest victim, Osumanu Adama, over 12 rounds in his native Tasmania.

I've seen him dispatch Anthony Mundine; and it took a really inspired, off-the-canvas, gut-check performance from Darren Barker to take his title last summer. Geale, with his relentless style, is not the relenting type. There's a sense of pride and purpose to each of his ring efforts and this Saturday night in New York's legendary Madison Square Garden will be no different. But can he actually beat Gennady Golovkin, in a place the Kazakhstan terror is fast calling home?



This will be an emotional fight for both of them as Golovkin is coming a long layoff due to the death of his father, and Geale's mom is fighting an aggressive form of cancer.

He'll give it all he's got, but Geale will fight very bravely and lose rather badly. But in doing so, he'll provide Golovkin with a decent element of drama and resistance. His frenetic pace and go-for-broke nature in the ring will be in stark contrast to the systematic and methodical approach "GGG" brings to violence.

Geale will hit Golovkin - perhaps more than he's ever been hit before - and bother him with his motion for a round or two, but then he'll start to immobilize and time him. Once Geale feels the force of Golovkin's jab, absorbs a thunderous body shot or two, and catches shots that start to rearrange his features - he'll be forced into a fight of survival he's never known before.

There will be no shame in this, for he's going up against a very special and rare talent in Golovkin, and will make a good account of himself before having all of the will beaten out of him. The pick here is Gennady Golovkin via 7th round comprehensive assault and submission, to officially put talks of an Andre Ward superfight on the table or God knows what else.

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