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General Motors expands their recall list

GM records indicate the service parts may have been used for ignition repairs in other vehicles.
GM records indicate the service parts may have been used for ignition repairs in other vehicles.
Holly Keating

General Motors expands their recall list adding more than 820,000 vehicles. GM made this announcement Friday evening, totalling more than 4 million cars, trucks, and SUVs.

GM expands recalls
Holly Keating

The new recalls may not be directly associated with the deadly ignition switch, but it was an added precaution.

In a press release yesterday, GM's CEO Marry Barra said, we have expanded our recall list as our way to ensure any possible vehicles that might contain the deadly ignition switch, and the company wants to replace them with ones that work. It looks like they are striving to jump in front of potential issues so they don't snowball into more deadly accidents down the road.

Barra said, the team needs to double check all pending consumer product issues, and our team needs to rectify them fast. But, is moving fast over quality the best way to run a business? After all, the company now has 13 deaths are under their belt. It appears at this point Barra believes moving quickly is the best approach for stopping unforeseen accidents. She said, they're looking for 2.2 million cars that were shipped to various distributors, which isn't realistic to track down, so out of extreme caution she believes furthering their recall list is the best approach for a task that seemed impractical.

Really though -- does GM have anything left to sell? They also recently announced pulling one of their best selling vehicles. According to Alan Adler, a spokesman for the company said they ordered dealers to stop the sale of Chevrolet Cruzes.

According to ABC today, more than 170,000 Cruzes were added to GM's recall list due to "a separation of the axle shaft happening while being driven." Adler added, they were also ordered to stop shipping them to dealers.

Here is a list of the vehicles from the original recalls in February: Chevrolet Cobalt, Chevrolet HHR, Pontiac G5, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Ion and Saturn Sky.

Apparently one reason for adding more cars to the earlier recall list happened because owners may have taken their vehicle in for a repair, but the dealership used abandoned parts from a bin left behind from other car fixes, and this is where pieces from the deadly ignition switch could've been placed into another vehicle.

Jim Cain, a GM spokesman said some of the cars who have no known ignition switch issues could have received " faulty switches left in the parts bin," which is why General Motors had expanded their earlier recall list.

Perhaps that isn't the best way to fix a car problem -- using left over defective car parts to fix another.

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