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General Beau Lee predicts an early spring for Atlanta on Groundhog Day 2014

General Beau Lee announced his 2014 Groundhog Day prediction on Twitter.
General Beau Lee announced his 2014 Groundhog Day prediction on Twitter.
Yellow River Game Ranch

For weather weary people in Atlanta, General Beau Lee’s Groundhog Day prediction was a huge relief. After suffering through an unexpected snow and ice event that snarled traffic for days and paralyzed much of the southern city, families are more than ready to be done with winter. On Feb. 2, Georgia’s official weather prognosticator and groundhog did NOT see his shadow, meaning an early spring is right around the corner in 2014.

Not only did General Lee Beau predict an early spring, but he also demonstrated his tech-savviness by announcing his prediction on Twitter and Facebook at 7:36 a.m. “Early Spring! No shadow!!” the post read. In addition, his activities were streamed live this morning, giving everyone in Atlanta the opportunity to watch Beau’s prediction, even if they couldn’t attend the Groundhog Day festivities at Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn.

Hundreds of sleepy fans joined General Beau Lee in person to show their support for Georgia’s most famous groundhog. On Sunday morning, the King, Queen and trumpeter from Medieval Times heralded Beau's awakening. Below were the General's Groundhog Day predictions for the last three years:

  • 2009 – No shadow, early spring
  • 2010 – No shadow, early spring
  • 2011: No shadow, early spring
  • 2012: No shadow, early spring
  • 2013: Shadow, six more weeks of winter

Fun facts about Groundhog Day and General Beau Lee:

  • This is the 128th anniversary of Groundhog Day.
  • The country’s most famous groundhog is Punxsutawney Phil, who resides at Gobbler’s Farm in Pennsylvania.
  • General Beau Lee works only on February 2nd and worldwide media attention follows his every amble. "Groundhog Hotlines," located only a few feet away from Beau's Weathering Heights Plantation, opens for advisories at 6 a.m. and calls come in from as far away as Germany, England and even the sunny State of Hawaii.
  • Four Georgia Governors have recognized Beau for his public service to Americans.
  • The National Weather Service has commended the General twice for the accuracy of his predictions.
  • General Beau Lee resides in a lavish white columned mansion at the Yellow River Game Ranch. It includes a water fountain, a mailbox, a granite monument, a monogrammed lawn marker, sundial, a doormat and a satellite dish that allows him to watch PBS nature specials. Beau has further enjoyed a broad jump and high diving board, which readied him for The 1996 Olympics.

About the Yellow River Game Ranch
The Yellow River Game Ranch is Georgia’s oldest animal preserve and a popular destination for families in Atlanta. Now in its 47th year of operation, the ranch provides children and adults in Atlanta a "nose to nose" experience with more than six hundred animals and birds. It's located at 4525 Highway 78, Lilburn Georgia. For further information, call 770-972-6643 or visit its website.

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