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Gene Simmons opens fire on immigrants who won't learn English

"In America, I’ve learned, you have an inferred judiciary duty to learn how to speak English. Get rid of your accent, I did."

Gene Simmons.
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Chaim Witz, formerly of Haifa, Israel and New York City, New York and now of Los Angeles, California has open fired on his fellow immigrants to the United States who purposefully take pains not to assimilate into the fabric of America. As reported by The Independent of London, Great Britain on Aug. 12, 2014, and The Huffington Post on Aug. 11, 2014 the man better known to most as Gene Simmons of KISS fame insinuated that many present-day immigrants complain too loud and too often when it comes to living in the United States, but make little effort to actually being American.

Telling new immigrants "learn to speak g--damn English," the man who emigrating to the United States with his mother when he was 8-years-old, Simmons opened up to Ricky Camilleri of HuffPost Live on Monday to discuss KISS's new tour and also to tout the debut of the reality series "4th and Loud," which documents the band's Arena League football team, the Los Angeles Kiss. However, when asked of his days of his youth, Camilleri may have bit off more than he could chew.

During the video interview (click here to see interview in its entirety), Simmons plainly stated he's just saying what needs to be said due to America's "politically-correct climate is bullsh-t." Able to fluently speak English, Hebrew, Hungarian, High German and possessing a working knowledge of Japanese, Simmons stressed to a visibly shaken Camilleri the importance of what could loosely be called the process of Americanization. Not mincing words, the KISS front man told the HuffPost host to his face:

You don't want to upset anybody by saying, 'Learn to speak g--damn English.' So, as an immigrant, I'm telling you: learn to speak g--damn English. It is the key that will unlock the keys to the kingdom.

Not quite done yet, Simmons held little back:

In America, I could think what I wanted to think, do as I pleased and reach for the stars. In America, I’ve learned, you have an inferred judiciary duty to learn how to speak English. Get rid of your accent, I did. Be a legal immigrant. I’m a legal immigrant. Come to the country, just buckle your knees a little bit, make an effort to learn about the culture, assimilate to the point that you can.

Speak any language you damn well please, but learn English as well as a prerequisite if you want to have access to wealth. The more you to learn to speak English and the more you learn about American history, the more of an advantage you’ll have in this culture.

Not the first time he's been involved in controversy, Simmons let his feelings be known in 2011 when Barack Obama opined that Israel withdraw to its 1967 borders. When CNBC's Jane Wells (video, above) what he thought of the Chief Executive's notion that Israel withdraw to their pre-Six Day War borders, Simmons stated;

He has no f--king idea what the world is like because he doesn't have to live there.

Shifting the topic of how one should conduct themselves if confronting a deranged crack-head threatening the lives of your loves ones, Simmons bemoaned many on the left who might say to the perpetrator "settle down, let's talk, you deserve a trial by jury." To wit, Simmons opined his attitude towards the deranged crack-head in question:

F--k you and the horse you rode in on, pal. Death on the spot. Its justice. I like that.

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