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Gearbox hands out ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ codes for free in-game emblems

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Gearbox Software released codes yesterday for their recent title, “Aliens: Colonial Marines” that player may enter in the game’s main menu to redeem for an in-game Gearbox Software-themed character emblem to use inside the game. “Aliens: Colonial Marines” will use codes such as this from time to time in the exact same manner that Gearbox Software creates codes for use in their other recent release, “Borderlands 2.”

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Each system that “Aliens: Colonial Marines” was released on has its own unique code to enter. From the front menu of the game, players need only to enter the appropriate code below for their respective system into the game.


The codes will be usable for one week and will allow players one single redemption good for an in-game character emblem. Gearbox Software’s “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is an officially licensed title under the popular Aliens movie franchise. The game is out now on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.