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Gay Man Denied Funeral In Baptist Church

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Julion Evans was lying in his casket. His family had gathered for a wake and the funeral was to take place the next day at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. It was at this time that the church called and said that the service could not take place. The reason given, because he was gay. Parishioners complained to Pastor Jenkins when they saw in the obituary section if the local paper that Evan's had a life partner. The family was told that it would be blasphemous for the service to take place.

Evans and his partner Kendall Capers were married last year in Maryland after being together for some 17 years. At first the church agreed to have the funeral because it was large enough to handle the service. You see Evans was a Tampa native and a very well known person locally. Capers was furious when the family was notified and immediately went to the director of Blount and Curry funeral home and asked if the service could be held there the next day. The funeral home said no problem and some 200 people attended the service.

On a personal note, my Grandparent's as well as my Mother's wake was held at Blount and Curry funeral home, and I am here to say Thank You for doing such a kind thing thing for these period at their time of grief. You see, right now in the state of Florida we are having a big controversy over the right of gay marriage. It's bad enough that this could have been some political ploy but the idea if denying a funeral service for a man whose only crime was that he was gay is something that even this heterosexual man cannot tolerate. Are you kidding me, people he was not asking to get married in the church but to be buried. Have we gotten so stupid as to not allow a funeral to take place for a man because he was gay. There are funerals taking place for some who are the most despicable human beings but they can be honored in death by the church. I'm Catholic and I've been to funerals for some people who I know are burning in hell. This man simply stood up and said I love another man and I'm gay and this country treated him like he was a disease. It makes a person wonder that if God, who created this man and knew this man was gay, is going to deny him entrance into heaven. Churches are man made and are run by men and that doesn't make them God. Maybe Pastor Jenkins will know just how God feels about all this when he dies. I think he is going to be surprised when he is sent to hell because he doesn't deserve a place in heaven.