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Gay couples in Florida want out-of-state same-sex marriages recognized

As of late Wednesday, eight gay couples in Florida are suing the state for discrimination. According to USA Today, joining the lawsuit against Florida is civil rights group American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. The lawsuit says that the state is discriminating against same-sex marriages and gay couples by not recognizing marriages that were performed in states where it is legal.

Congratulatory cards for gay marriages are displayed for sale on March 13, 2014 in London, England. Same-sex couples in England and Wales, who are currently only permitted to enter into a 'civil partnership', will be able to marry from March 29, 2014 when
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As USA Today notes, Florida is not the only state to see pushback of this kind. Similar lawsuits have also been filed in Alabama and Indiana. A judge in Kentucky went as far as ordering the state to recognize those marriages, a outcome these couples are hoping to see in Florida.

One of the couples filing the suit says that Florida’s current law is undermining the commitment she and her partner made in Massachusetts. In 2009 Sandra Newson and her partner moved to the state from Florida so they could be married. After adopting a son who has cerebral palsy, the couple made the decision to move back to Florida, where more family members would be able to provide care for the boy.

However, now the couple faces the legal battle of having to prove they are the parents of their son as well as fighting with insurance companies over things like the marriage discount.

The lawsuit now being filed in federal court says the state not acknowledging gay marriages violates equal rights and due process rights. The lawsuit asks that marriages from other states be recognized within Florida.

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