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Gatherer update introduces new snow mana symbol, points to reprints or new set

New "Magic: The Gathering" snow symbol
New "Magic: The Gathering" snow symbol
Wizards of the Coast

Today Feb. 26, 2013 an update to Wizards of the Coast's "Magic: The Gathering" card search engine Gatherer introduced a new snow mana symbol. This hints at either an upcoming set or block themed around snow-covered permanents or (more likely) a reprint of snow cards in "Modern Masters."

New Snow symbol
Wizards of the Coast

Snow-covered permanents were introduced in "Ice Age" and were also in "Alliances." They wouldn't appear again for another decade in "Coldsnap." Because the cards in "Coldsnap" have the modern card frame they're legal in the Modern format. The five snow-covered land, Mouth of Ronom, and Scrying Sheets are seven cards from the set ripe for a reprint in "Modern Masters" or a new snow-based set or block.

Alternatively (or in addition) we could see older snow-covered permanents reprinted in "Magic 2014" and "Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014" or in a new Commander deck later this year.

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