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Gamers do not have a problem with reality, reality disrupts their immersion

What do you think about what the study concluded?
What do you think about what the study concluded?

Anyone who has experienced a great role-playing game knows the type of involvement and connection a person feels with the world in the game, and recent research suggests this is not a cause of the game.

According to a study that was reported on yesterday, a gaming researcher shadowed a group of "World of Warcraft" gamers for a total of ten months to study their behavior within the game.

University of Gothenburg gaming researcher, Jonas Linderoth, said what some might suggest about gamers is incorrect because what goes on outside of their gaming experience is what causes disruption within the players, not the game playing itself.

"It's really the complete opposite of all the speculations we keep hearing. The players' problem is not that they lose contact with reality, but rather that reality keeps interfering with their immersion.

"They are not your ordinary gamers – they are role-players who really want to feel like they are in a different world.

"This requires good imagination and well-developed communication skills. And that they can use their creativity and linguistic skills to maintain their virtual world," Linderoth said.

This study concluded the common misconception of the fictional elements within an RPG being too strong for a person to overcome, is indeed false.

"The sense of immersion is based on the players possessing certain skills. This kind of narrative immersion is rather hindered than facilitated by technology," the study said.


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