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Ga Senate race: David Perdue goes after Jack Kingston’s record in new ad

David Perdue, the U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia who is in a runoff race for the Republican nomination with U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga), released a new ad today attacking the congressman’s voting record as not fiscally conservative. The ad says:

“They arrive with good intentions. So what happened to Jack Kingston? Jack voted to raise the debt ceiling repeatedly, adding trillions to the national debt. He spent our tax dollars on thousands of wasteful earmarks all while voting to raise his own pay seven times.

“Jack’s twenty-two years of liberal spending has to stop.

“David Perdue’s the true conservative, who’ll take on career politicians and the Washington establishment.”

Perdue has positioned himself as the outside in the crowded field of GOP hopefuls in the race for the Senate seat being vacated by Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga). Rumor has it, Chambliss decided against seeking another term when some conservative pundits in Georgia vowed to vote him out of office after he worked with the Obama administration to avoid the “fiscal cliff” in December 2012.

A conservative track record certainly helps in Georgia Republican primaries, and the eight GOP candidates argued for months who is more in line with the conservative platform. Perdue ended up winning the primary with 30.6 % of the vote; he was the only top candidate without a voting record, seeking his first public office.

Kingston has been in politics on the state and federal level since 1984. Perdue has argued that if Georgians are tired of Washington they need to stop reelecting career politicians.

Kingston and some local conservatives, such as the former Secretary of State Karen Handel who endorsed Kingston after coming in third in the general primary, have argued that Perdue is part of the corporate America CEOs who are out of touch with average voters and use them for their own financial benefit. Perdue made a career, and got on the Fortune 500 list, running companies such as Dollar General and Reebok.

This is the first ad from Perdue in weeks. The businessman has been most likely holding on to his resources to lay into Kingston closer to the actual runoff, which takes place on July 22. Kingston is supposed to come out with an ad of his own today.

The Georgia U.S. Senate race is one of the most watched contest of the 2014 mid-term elections. Republicans have set out to take over the Senate, so they really need to hold on to strongholds like Georgia. Democrats, on the other hand, really need to hold on to the upper chamber to stay politically relevant for the next two years and winning a state like Georgia would give them the needed boost.

The Republican candidate will face Democrat Michelle Nunn in the general election.

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