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Funny things gymnastics commentators said in 2013

2008 Olympic champion Nastia Liukin is NBC's newest gymnastics commentator.
2008 Olympic champion Nastia Liukin is NBC's newest gymnastics commentator.
Photo by Scott Halleran

It's that time of year again!

(Actually, it's well past that time of year. "Funny things gymnastics commentators said in" sort of pieces are best run in December, and here it is the middle of April.) All the same, here are a few 2013 zingers from NBC Trio Tim Daggett, Nastia Liukin and Al Trautwig.

"You know what's going to happen? In his next career Danell will be a CEO or something, and Yin will just go sit in his office and watch him be a CEO." -- Al Trautwig on Danell Leyva at the American Cup

"We'd show you Tim Daggett's gold medal, but it's all grainy and stuff." -- Al Trautwig on 1984 Olympic men's team gold medalist Daggett

"And by the way Nastia, you are not allowed to use the word ginormous -- it's trademarked." -- Al Trautwig initiating newbie commentator Liukin

"He's like a cat. You can throw him up, and he can land just about perfectly every time." -- Tim Daggett on the talented John Orozco at the U.S. Championships

"There's no way that I did that, that's for sure." -- Nastia Liukin on her father Valeri's signature high bar skill, a layout Tkatchev with a full twist (a.k.a. The Liukin)

"He's gigantic. He kind of looked like this when he was 11." -- Tim Daggett on 2012 U.S. Junior champion Donnell Whittenburg, who really does appear to be about 30

"Some of the greatest champions I've ever met have the ability to nap." -- Al Trautwig on 2013 U.S. champion Sam Mikulak's sleep schedule

"I love it when you call something difficult on the beam. I mean, mounting is complicated." -- Al Trautwig on the intricacies of gymnastics

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