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Funny story from the disc golf course

Vibram Lace

During the month of December, I ran a contest for the funniest thing that ever happened to you on the disc golf course. The prize was a new Vibram Lace disc. I received several good stories for the contest, but my favorite was the following story from John in Kentucky. This would have been very embarrassing and it would have been hilarious to see, if you were not the reporter.

A few Christmases ago, I got my dad two discs for a gift. We decided to go out to Winton Woods (a short course in Cincinnati) that morning so he could try them out. There was a guy from the Cincinnati Enquirer there and asked us if he could snap a pic or two for the paper. He gets out about 50 feet from the tee pad on the right side of the fairway on a short 160 ft hole and asks us to throw some discs so he can get a few pictures.

My dad throws two shots with no problem but then I step up and on my first throw, I proceed to hit him right in the chest with my disc on a grip locked shot. Luckily since I was just a beginner at the time my shot didn't have a ton of steam on it but enough to make an audible thud. I felt so bad and apologized about 100 times but needless to say I didn't make the paper and my dad did. I learned if you wanna make the paper don't hit the photographer with your disc.

Every disc golfer has had the experience of your brain just not getting the signal to your hand at the right moment telling it to release. Lucky for most of us there was not a reporter in the way of the errant throw.

For this story, John won himself a new Vibram Lace high speed distance driver. This is a great disc that will help the game of any disc golfer. Thanks for the story John, and enjoy the disc.

I heard back from John on how he likes the new disc, as I expected he loves it. John said " I want to thank you again for the Lace disc. I've gotten a chance to throw it over the past week and it's such a great disc. It flies so straight with dependable fade and the stability in it is perfect. I think this disc has a chance to become my new go to driver. I look forward to reading more disc golf stories on the website.

If you haven't tried the Lace, you need to give it a go.


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