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Fundraising Efforts Helping Canada Parrot Rescue Move Forward

On March 15, a parrot rescue based in Canada suffered a tragic loss. The loss of over two dozen rescued and rehabilitated parrots, the loss of their home and the loss of the rescue they operated. The home caught fire and several of the birds died of smoke inhalation.

Immediately, efforts to help the family recoup some of the loss were in full swing. Several bird toy companies held fund raisers and auctions to help the family. Avian Stainless, Crystal's Bird Toys and Things for Wings participated in an auction raising nearly $400. A website on was set up and in less that 24 hours had already raised over $1K.

Lynn, of Feathered Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, said of Birdline, "They are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine the hurt this tragedy has caused them... I commend any and all efforts to help mentally, emotionally and financially.

The winner of the auction held by Crystal's Bird toys has decided to donate the toys to Birdline and Crystal's is making special toys for the six birds that survived the fire. She says "To lose so many parrots who were given a second chance at having a better quality of life is absolutely devastating."

As of Sunday afternoon, two birds remained in veterinary care, but continued to improve. Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet clinic has said they will cover all costs incurred at their clinic. In addition they are paying the bill at Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre for Lope and Mantra, the two birds remaining in their care.
As of Wednesday morning, March 19, the fundraising efforts have totaled more $3700.

The family intends to rebuild the rescue and the four birds who were released Saturday continue to thrive. The family posted tha the cages are fine, but everything in them needs to be replaced. Toys, bowls and perches will all be needed, as well as food for the rescue to continue to operate after re-building. When the time comes, they have said they will post for donations.

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