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Funding for pre-revenue startups and new business crowdfunding marketplace

Hyperfund, a business crowdfunding marketplace officially launches the first week of May with serial entrepreneur, Denis du Nann at the helm as its founder and CEO.

Hyperfund is set to debut its new business crowdfunding  marketplace the first week of May.
Courtesy of Hyperfund

DuNann, no stranger to startups, has launched new companies, in new industries, and taken them to levels of national recognition. Denis recalled his humble beginnings with Verifone,”When we started Verifone, there were just a couple of us and we were competing against major companies.”

Denis continued,” My passion for helping entrepreneurs raise the capital they need comes from my experience. I understand what these entrepreneurs are going through and I have already been where they are headed.”

As part of Hyperfund’s pre-launch , Denis duNann introduced a group of entrepreneurs, inventors, medical and legal professionals, accredited investors, and members of the media to the topic of Equity Crowdfunding with his “State of Crowdfunding” presentation .

Inventing Daily founder and CEO, Carolyn Keane, and co-founder, Jim Reidy, introduced Denis duNann and Hyperfund regional manager, Terry Stoupa to the audience members at a private reception in downtown West Palm Beach .

In a Q&A session, Denis covered the ways in which Hyperfund works with pre-revenue startups to get them funded. Denis explained the process and got to know more about the Florida entrepreneurs and inventors who have products and services that need funding .

For entrepreneurs seeking funding with help of Hyperfund's Marketplace, there is a multiple-step process which begins with registration which creates and Executive Summary.It ends with the broker-dealer agreement and being published on the Hyperfund platform.

During this process, the principals must get vetted. What this means is that there is a process to determine whether Hyperfund, wants to go forward working with this company's principals. To make this decision ,Hyperfund executives will meet the principals seeking funding face-to-face.

Also in this vetting or curation process, the Hyperfund team will consider and evaluate the suitability of the people and their company to be on our platform.

When asked if it is hard to get funded and how long a company can expect the process to take from application to being published on the Hyperfund portal Regional Manager,Terry Stoupa said, The process is simple but it's not necessarily easy.It does require work."

Terry added," For now, while we are in our launch phase of our business crowdfunding marketplace with Hyperfund we're expecting to be able to take companies from application to being published on our website-if they are vetted- in about two to three weeks. Once more companies know we're here and want our help it might take a little longer. We'll keep you posted."

When asked about what the investors can expect from the Hyperfund portal Denis duNann said,,"When investors come to Hyperfund they will know they are getting something worth looking at.We are opening the pathway to finding high net worth investors and at the same time, we're be building a marketplace where these high net worth investors can come to find projects to get into. "

Stuart-based, regional manager of Hyperfund, Terry Stoupa shared,"We are at the beginning of an entrepreneurial Renaissance that we expect will span the next ten years. The doorways through which the entrepreneurs must pass to get funding are beginning to open. They will see a light at the end of the tunnel for their funding efforts which previously had only been dim or not there at all."

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