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Full Pink Moon blossoms in Spring

Full Blood Moon
Full Blood Moon
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Let's begin with a brief history of the month of April. In one of the earliest Roman calenders April was the second month but when January became the first month of the year they moved April to the fourth. The Romans called the month Aprilis that came from a word meaning “to open.”

In some parts of the world this is a time to plant and in other parts of the world it is time to harvest those rewards. The moon is extremely important in all those aspects.

Just as we are connected to our blessed Mother Earth we are also connected to the Moon. She plays havoc with our emotions and she lights our way through the night and the challenges we face with each rising.

The new moon brings fresh starts, new beginnings and the full moon is a culmination of all that builds from the new moon to the night she reaches her “full” potential.

The Full Pink Moon of April is special in that it represents various factors. There is an herb moss that shines with bright pink color and also the beautiful wild flowers that cover the ground called phlox. It is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring. The April full moon is also known by other names such as the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Full Fish Moon, along the coastal villages, and the Full Egg Moon.

The April 15th, 2014 Full Moon is also a total lunar eclipse, hence the name “Blood Red Moon”. In North and South America and a few other places in the Pacific region this eclipse will last just over an hour and a half. Which will make for an amazing star gazing experience.

The Blood Moon has always been a symbol of great change or big events coming in the near future. With this being a full total lunar eclipse the power behind the significance of this moon is of course astronomical.

This is a time when the Earth, Sun, and Moon will align and when that happens it is believed that a gateway to the stars, to heaven, is opened and we are then able to speak with those not only in the spirit world but other dimensions.

This lunar eclipse can be viewed with your telescope and even the naked eye. It is not like having a solar eclipse of the sun.

Mark your calenders for April 15th, 2014 for the next “Full Pink Moon lunar eclipse”...

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