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From Obamacare hero to zero in 48 Hours

Obamacare Deception
Obamacare Deception

Chad Henderson, who became a leftwing media darling after posting on Facebook that he had bought affordable healthcare for the first time in his life is backtracking on his story, after his father denied his claims. Besides lying about enrolling in Obamacare, Henderson failed to reveal that he has been a volunteer for Obama's Organizing for America. since 2007, which makes him less than unbiased.

Furthermore, the $175 dollars a month premium that represents 30% of his before tax income as opposed to the $44.72 a month he could have bought the same policy for on before Obamacare took effect. Therefore, his claim of affordable is questionable as well.

When Henderson was confronted by statements made by his father, he admitted that he did not buy coverage as he had claimed to do. He says the confusion came about because of his lack of knowledge about the two part system. Henderson stated that it would have been naive of him to price and buy healthcare on the same day.

Henderson had placed a posting on his Facebook account, which said, “Today, on the opening day of ‘ObamaCare,’ me and my dad enrolled in it and got quality, affordable health care insurance for the first time.” His father did not purchase insurance either and in fact never applied to either.

The Washington Post, Politico, The Huffington Post hailed the Henderson narrative as a success story in the Obamacare fiasco, the first one reporters had been able to uncover. Not one of those papers bothered to see if Henderson had indeed bought insurance through the Obamacare program.

Before his deception was uncovered, he had been asked to be part of a conference call for the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS head Kathleen Sebelius had tweeted about Henderson on an account called @Obamacare run by Organizing for Action, for which Henderson is a volunteer.