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Are you truly free?
Are you truly free?

What does real freedom look like? It means being real, being who you are and not being afraid to express yourself in a healthy, positive way.

Let’s celebrate FREEDOM this year in a new and powerful way. Let’s give each other the nod of approval that we can just experiment and be whoever we are without feeling judged.

Now, that would be FREEDOM!

Think of it this way. As a kid we were all GUTSY, male and female. We spoke out. We said what we saw before someone told us to be quiet, be good, behave.

Think for a minute about one of your GUTSIEST moments. Take a few minutes and write it down. Practice telling it on the FOURTH. Tell it to family, friend, the checkout gal or guy at the market, the person who hands you the food at the convenience store.


My grown daughters hate it when I tell the following story. They say “Mom, it is just over the top. Scale it down, shush it! And I say to them “When you are GUTSY sometimes you just gotta let loose!”

Hang out with me. I wrote the book GUTSY because I had to. I became super sad thinking about how I used to sell myself out to be quiet, be good, and behave.

I stayed in a marriage too long to please someone else. I was suffocating and was ready to go down with the ship rather than make waves. I used to keep my hands in front of my chest to protect myself. It often felt like I had been stabbed with a sword through the heart. And yet, I told myself to be quiet, be good, and behave.

I finally learned how to pull the sword out and heal myself.

We all have a place that needs the magic salve of healing. I found it and became FREE and you can too. I want to help you make your mark in the world. You and I are what the world needs now.

Join me, male or female and untie the ties that bind. Read one of my books, listen to one of my talks, and watch me on YouTube.

Find your GUTSY moment over this holiday weekend. Share it, celebrate it. The world is waiting!!!!!

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