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Freedom fighters launch 'Toys for Totalitarians'

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A group of liberty minded citizens otherwise known as freedom fighters has launched a campaign that one journalist has dubbed "Toys for Totalitarians." The objective is to smuggle newly outlawed guns and magazines into the states that passed such laws -- with one added feature just for Christmas.

A standard capacity gun magazine will be sent to certain select politicians in Colorado who approved the new highly restrictive gun and ammo laws in the state.

Even since the forces of anti-freedom, the liberty-haters, passed into law highly restrictive gun control measures after the Sandy Hook shooting, liberty minded citizens have devised a plan to thwart them.

That plan was coined by citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh as "Defy, Resist, Evade, Smuggle." Later some of those who support the initiative added "Sabotage" to the mix. The sabotage envisioned here is not based upon violence of any kind but on outsmarting statist government tyrants in their attempts to outlaw and then seize firearms, along with other acts of despotism.

One of the first targeted areas for the smuggling would be the state of Colorado, given that there is significant if not overwhelming opposition to the new anti-gun laws passed by a Democratic governor and state legislature. Two of the main legislators who spearheaded these laws have been recalled, and a third resigned rather than face the chopping block.

Vanderboegh has stated from the beginning that he planned to smuggle newly outlawed firearms and "high capacity" magazines into the state. Here is his take on warnings from supporters that he could be arrested for participating in the campaign:

There is much concern among readers about my potential arrest. "Have you checked whether this is legal?" is a common question in my emails and phone calls. Let's understand one thing: the law, these tyrants have decided, no longer applies to them. As evidenced by Fast and Furious, Benghazi and other scandals we are in the Age of Catch 22 -- they can and will do anything we can't stop them from doing. If they are willing to tear up the law and the Constitution to enforce their will upon anyone they choose, and they are, then it is past time -- for me at least -- to worry overmuch about whether something is "legal" as the domestic enemies of the Constitution define that term. When I said as I founded the Three Percent movement that I was not backing up one more inch, I wrote a check that I knew would have to be cashed one day. There is no evading that.

Several of the Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason, and others stated and wrote in no uncertain terms that when the government they devised ceased to follow the guidelines set forth in the Constitution, that such lawlessness meant that the government had lost its moral authority to govern. At that point citizens are not obligated to obey such government.

We are at that point today with the relentless march of abject lawlessness exhibited by Obama and his administration, Congress, and the courts. If there is any moral mandate, it is to disobey.


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