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Free internet abounds

While the internet is not to be thought of as a basic human necessity, such as water, there are some who feel that internet connectivity should be a basic human right. Some companies, including Google recently embarking on a project to provide internet capabilities to remote corners of the world using balloons and satellites. It has been said that Facebook has made attempts to do the same with unmanned drones. Could free internet start to put the big conglomerates out of businesss? Not yet.

It is however the same idea that ignited, or rather added fuel to the fire for the concept. It is a concept known as WiFi sharing. The service uses an app called Instabridge to allow users to share passwords for Wi-Fi networks that they've connected to, then provides a map of all of these access points to other users.

There is one caveat though. Instabridge relies on user submissions to grow its list of connections, and depending on certain instances, the access point may change in some way shape or form that prevents it from access. Thus far though, there have been thousands of user submissions, and at least locally for the author, it appears to be correct.

To start, simply download the Instabridge app. As of now, it is only out for Mac OSx, Windows and Android 2.2 or higher.

Once setup is done, if you are connected to a Wi-Fi access point then Instabridge will automatically ask if you would like to save and share the login and password for that network. It’s that simple. The map will also show you where other shared (some secure, some not) sites are.

Take a look at the included video to learn more or goto

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