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Free indoor cycling event pumps up the music

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If your fitness routine is getting stale, try the free "Mix and Ride," class on Tuesday, May 15 at Equinox South Beach, where DJ Mr. Sandman's music promises to kick up your workout in time for swimsuit season.

The event offers a new take on indoor cycling, which is one of the fitness club's most popular activities, says Geoff Bagshaw, Equinox's area group manager for South Florida.

Ever since it was developed in the 1980s, indoor cycling has gained its popularity because it offers features that recreational bike riding does not provide, notes Bagshaw. "Obviously, when you do indoor cycling, you don't have to deal with issues like inclement weather, traffic, crazy drivers, or a lack of hills. It's a safe and effective workout in a group environment," he added.

"With indoor cycling, you get both cardiac benefits and strength training. There's cardio, of course, but you also get strength-training benefits as well because you can simulate riding up hills," he also noted.

"There's a great sense of camaraderie. You form a communal bond where everyone is working hard towards a personal goal. You come out drenched in sweat, but with a real sense of personal accomplishment," he added.

Indoor cycling is also a notorious calorie burner. A normal 45-minute class can shed 400-600 calories, but the special "Mix and Ride," can burn 800 -1,200, he noted.

"DJ Mr. Sandman will chose from his section of fast-paced hits to get guest up and moving and motivate them every step of the way," he said. "Get your fist-pump ready, because this is the perfect class to motivate everyone for the start of swimsuit season," he added.

This free 90-minute indoor cycling event begins at 6:30 p.m. and is free event is open to both members and non-members. Two hours of complimentary parking at the Equinox garage on Fifth Street is included.

To register, call 305-673-1172 or email

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