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Free crochet pattern: Victorian/steampunk ruffled spats (boot cuffs)

Victorian-inspired steampunk spats (boot cuffs)
Victorian-inspired steampunk spats (boot cuffs)


  • Nancy Z-Grand Rapids Health Examiner 5 years ago

    These look so cute. I wish I can crochet.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I've done it with chocolate silk in a vine pattern and some mismatched off-white laces; it's actually a pretty easy project.

  • sterling 5 years ago

    those are adorable ^_^...

  • Heatheer 5 years ago

    Wow that is really cute you are an amazing artist

  • Heather - Dollar Store Crafts 5 years ago

    These are really cute.

  • Joep Meijer 5 years ago

    My wife finds it a nice pattern, Only we have one small question, what does the abbreviation: a ap mean in the pattern.
    We've been searching all over the internet but we couldn't find it.

  • Profile picture of Rhonda Rowley
    Rhonda Rowley 5 years ago

    It's actually not supposed to be there; it wasn't originally there, but when Examiner switched over to their new format last year, I ended up with extra lines of nonsense in a few of my articles. And, unfortunately, I can't edit anything written before the change. :( Sorry for the confusion!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I love these they are so cute. I made my 1st one (just have to make the second) out of some scrap yarn and they turned out really cute. But also going to make a second pair out of gray and dark purple. thanks for sharing the pattern :)

  • Kristen 4 years ago

    Rhonda, these are SO CUTE!! I will def make them as soon as I pick up some yarn. Thanks so much for making this a free pattern! :)

  • Vivilopezventuri 3 years ago

    Hola! me encantó este trabajo, y quiero hacerlo para mis niñas, pero no entiendo el significado de las abreviaturas al traducirlo. tendrías algún dibujo q me guíe un poco con los aumentos del volado??
    Muchas Gracias!!

  • Christy 3 years ago

    I made a pair, but they turned out way bigger than I would have imagined. What size needle should I used with worsted weight yarn? What are the finished measurements?

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    In R2 it says to DC 55, is this US or UK stitches? Also, the most number of stitches you can do with 55 chains is 54 because at least one will need to be the turning chain, so should I chain 56 instead?

  • Tamara 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing your pattern! I linked to it this morning on my blog,!

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