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Frankfurt could replace London as main financial center as economy moves East

Russia and China against the United State
Russia and China against the United State
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There is a major war going on that most people do not see. This war is so vast that it involves superpowers, proxy nations, economies, and currencies, and at its core is the battle over who will dominate the next phase of the global economic system.

For centuries, an entity within Great Britain has ruled global finances and has dictated the policies and direction of money for most of the world. But on June 10, statistician Dr. Jim Willie declared in interview that those days may be ending, and that it will be Germany, and in particular Frankfurt, that is poised to replace the entity known as the City of London should the East prevail in the ongoing war for supremacy. And all it will take for this to come to pass is for that key player in the European Union to switch sides from its current alliance with the U.S., and side with Russia in their growing hegemony through the Eurasian Trade Union.

While most people equate London to be simply the capital of the British Isles, few realize that within that municipality resides a section known with a capital C (City), and it represents the financial district that is often autonomous, and up to a point, more powerful than Parliament or even the British monarchy.

What happened in the heart of Greater London in 1694 under the direction of King William III of the House of Orange? Well, that would be when King William privatized the Bank of England, established the City of London, and turned control of England's money over to an elite group of international bankers.

Like Vatican City, London City (not to be confused with Greater London) is a privately owned corporation operating under its own flag, with its own constitution and free from the legal constraints that govern the rest of us. - Daily Bell

As noted above, since 1694 the City of London has controlled global finance and geo-politics throughout the world. even after the United States seized control over the reserve currency in 1944 at Bretton Woods. But as growing economic and military superpowers in the East strive to throw off the shackles of Western domination, the centralized financial control that has held for over three centuries may be seeing its final days as another European power stands front and center to become the central financial center for the new Eurasian Trade Union.

Silver Doctors: One of the other big topics you've been focusing on are the swing states... sovereign nations that you're predicting will be swinging away from the U.S. and moving their alliance towards the East.

Dr. Jim Willie: Well there are four nations that I identify, and they're all extremely important. I think all four are going to firmly in the Eurasian Trade Zone camp.

The four nations are Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

We're going to see Germany important for investment capital. Watch Frankfurt explode as an RMB (Renminbi) hub. That means a hub for trading bonds, and issuing bonds, and trading currency from the Chinese Yuan denomination.

Watch Frankfurt eclipse London. London is always expecting to be the primary hub for the RMB trade, but Germany has 3000 companies behind this, and London has none of this leverage. - Silver Doctors Interview with Jim Willie, June 10, 2014

As the United States becomes more isolated, and the world slowly, but with an accelerating pace, dumps the dollar in favor of more stable and less restrictive markets for trade, control over the global financial system will invariably move East, and away from European and American domination. And with Germany so intrinsically tied to Russia in both energy and corporate partnerships, when the largest economy in the Eurozone makes a switch of allegiances from the West to the East, then a large portion of the world will follow suit and leave the U.S. and the City of London looking from the outside in, and no longer major players in the financial arena.

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