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'Frankenfood' takes ‘A Bite of the Big Apple’ on Spike

Josh Capon & Tony Luke Jr. of Frankenfood on Spike
Josh Capon & Tony Luke Jr. of Frankenfood on Spike
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Spike TV

On tonight’s second episode of “Frankenfood,” the introduction gives the description of “Frankenfood,” as a mash up of original and unexpected food combinations and ingredients, resulting in delicious dishes … or awful misses.

Jovial chef Josh Capon is in New York with the sandwich king, Tony Luke Jr., where hundreds of cooks have come to where they are trying to create the next food craze and win $10,000.

As each contestant will offer their food creation to Josh, Tony and guest judge, Camilla Castaneda, the manager of Lillie’s, the newest hot spot on Times Square. The winning “Frankenfood “ will receive top billing on the menu at Lillie’s.

Lauren Gibbs, a professional dancer, at Radio City Music Hall, presented her creation; The Balls of America. They were meatballs filled with spaghetti and peanut butter sauce and topped with jelly. She managed to receive one yes vote, but the other two were thumbs down, sorry, but this Rockette was kicked out.

Kareem McGee, an office coordinator had the next entry; The Soul Roll. It consisted of mac & cheese, collard greens, rice, cornbread and meatloaf inside an egg roll. His dish was liked, and he went on to the next round.

Professional photographer, Pasquale DiStasio was next with his football-shaped creation called Touchdown. Made with a tortilla shell, goat cheese, pink peppercorns, basil, chocolate and whipped cream; Tony scored a slam dunk into the slop bucket as this colossal failure was dismissed.

Melissa Allan, an aspiring chef presented the next creation; Peppermint Dream. This hamburger contained; chocolate, chocolate mint, crunchies and chopped meat for another Franken Fail.

Raquel Bartlow, a student presented her dish called Rocky’s Surf & Turf. She warned them to have an open mind for; vanilla ice cream, calamari, squid ink chocolate sauce and a calamari cookie. Tony said it was the best chewy cookie that he ever had and Camilla gave it her approval, so Raquel will be going to the next round.

Jim Trenton, an entrepreneur presented a Garbage Burrito. It was a gigantic burrito containing breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one. Containing flour tortillas, salsa, graham crackers, powdered donuts, whipped cream, five pounds of chocolate and topped off with Cajun shrimp. Tony even laid $100 on the counter, that a dog would not eat that mess. When the dog came in, he turned his nose up at it too. Yuck!

Amy Aversa, a single mother of twins was next with the Gotham City Triple Decker. It was a triple-decker donut sandwich containing pastrami, pulled pork and a caramel whiskey sauce. Tony said no because it was greasy, but Camilla voted yes, and Josh wants a crisp apple slice on it for a yes.

Mom-preneur, Zenobia Dewley was next with Grandma’s Brezzert, a combination of breakfast and dessert. It consisted of; banana pudding cookie, bacon, scrambled eggs, white chocolate, with a vanilla wafer in the middle and a big yes from the panel.

With four choices, the judges had to choose the top two for the restaurant competition, and the winners were Amy’s Gotham City Triple Decker and Rocky’s Surf & Turf.

Next, the winners met with the chefs to tweak their recipes. Rocky met with Tony, who suggested she made it a calamari cookie sandwich with ice cream, and the chocolate sauce drizzled on top. It looked much better, and should be liked by the diners at Lillie’s. For Amy’s sandwich, Josh suggested to add the apple and eliminate one of the donuts.

When the votes were tallied, the winner was Amy’s Gotham City Triple Decker, the New York City “Frankenfood” $10,000 winner whose food item will appear on Lillie’s menu. Congratulations!

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