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'Frankenfood' is treated to ‘Texas Sized Taste’ on Spike

Frankenfood judges Tony Luke Jr. and Josh Capon
Frankenfood judges Tony Luke Jr. and Josh Capon
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

Last night’s episode of “Frankenfood,” was titled, “Texas Sized Taste.” As the introduction gives the description of “Frankenfood,” as a mash up of original and unexpected food combinations and ingredients, resulting in delicious dishes … or awful misses, one can only wonder what the chefs will be tasting.

Chef Josh Capon is in Lockhart with the sandwich king, Tony Luke Jr., where hundreds of cooks have come out to the Frankenfood kitchens where the winner will be featured on the menu of the longest family-owned barbeque restaurant in Texas are trying to create the next food craze and win $10,000.

As each contestant offers their food creation to Josh, Tony and guest judge, Barrett Black, fourth-generation pitmaster of Black’s BBQ, they will choose the best dishes. The final two will be served at the restaurant where the public will decide the winner, whose dish will appear on their menu.

The first entry from Damon Bufford, a maintenance worker was called Desserted Mornings and contained a waffle stuffed chocolate-chip cookie, maple cream cheese icing, candied pecans and candied bacon. It was a unanimous yes!

Manufacturing coordinator, Travis Phillips was next with his Last Call. It consisted of a deep fried hard-boiled egg wrapped in salmon and stuffed with pimento cheese and covered with bourbon pineapple sauce and accompanied by a shot of bourbon. Barrett said no, but the two Yankees said yes. So he moved on to the next round.

After several Franken-Failures, political activist, Vanya Marinkovic presented her Animal Farm, inspired by her friend who taught her about road kill. When she first told them it contained no road kill, they tried it, but she then apologized and told them it did contain road kill, which immediately brought out the buckets and sent her packing.

Ken Dillman, a design consultant was next with the best chicken & waffles they ever had. When he revealed it, they were on a stick and named Chicken In Waffles. They contained spicy breaded chicken breast encased in a pecan waffle with maple syrup and walnuts. He received two votes, and Tony only said no because his was dry.

The last cook was from Liz Immanivong, a mortgage lender. She presented her Drunken Turducken. They were chicken wings, stuffed with turkey and duck breast, marinated in wine brine, deep fried in duck fat and gravy and cranberry sauce also drunken in wine. All three judges loved it.

Next, the four winners were mulled over by the judges and brought down to the two finalists. Chicken In Waffles and Desserted Mornings. For the presentation, Mackenzie Gibson, director of culinary innovation at Sonic, was on hand, as the chefs tweaked their recipes.

The customers tried both dishes and when the votes were tallied, the winner was Damon’s Desserted Mornings, as the Lockhart, Texas “Frankenfood” $10,000 winner whose food item will appear on the Black’s BBQ menu. Congratulations!

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