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France donates to feed Syrian refugees in Jordan

French Ambassador to Jordan, Caroline Dumas.
French Ambassador to Jordan, Caroline Dumas.
WFP/Dina Elkassaby

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) today announced a donation of US $ 684,000 from France. The funds will be used to help feed Syrian refugees in Jordan.

WFP is feeding more than 500,000 Syrian refugees throughout Jordan. Food vouchers are provided so Syrians can shop at markets and receive fresh foods. The vouchers also help local markets in Jordan.

Caroline Dumas, the French Ambassador to Jordan, says, "France is very concerned by the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis related to Syria and its impact on neighbouring countries, especially Jordan. France commends the immense efforts of the Jordanian government and of the Jordanian people in welcoming into the Kingdom hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing a country at war. To bring some help, France has decided to confirm its support to the excellent WFP programmes supporting the Syrian refugees in Jordan.”

Jonathan Campbell, WFP’s Emergency Coordinator for Syria Refugees in Jordan, adds, “In the face of severe funding constraints, WFP relies on the generous contributions of donors like France to continue responding to the food needs of Syrian refugees in Jordan. Thanks to France, WFP will be able to provide food vouchers to more than 20,350 Syrian refugees in Jordan this month."

WFP needs around US $ 40 million a week to feed Syrian war victims. A relief fund has been set up for Syria.