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Fox host: Obama staged Michael Brown tragedy, 'in cahoots' with Al Sharpton

President Barack Obama makes a statement about the execution of American journalist James Foley by ISIS terrorists in Iraq during a press briefing at the press filing center at the Edgartown School
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The tragedy of Micheal Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri has gone beyond one town and has gripped a nation. While the story itself is a sad one, one right-wing talker is taking it to another level.

It's common knowledge that Fox News and its sister outlets have a conservative slant and have promoted an anti-Obama message over the last six years the president has been in office. Despite a slogan that claims they are "fair and balanced," Fox and most of their on-air talent are speaking from a pro-conservative point of view. After the death of 18 year old African American Michael Brown and the protests that followed, many have questioned what actually happened when Brown was shot six times by officer Darren Wilson. According to one Fox host, the Obama administration might have worked with civil rights activist Al Sharpton to orchestrate and stage the Michael Brown tragedy.

Fox radio host Todd Starnes took to his Facebook page on Monday night and accused President Obama and his administration of staging and "orchestrating the Michael Brown tragedy."

The uncivil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri continues -- and it appears the Obama Administration may be orchestrating the Michael Brown tragedy.

NBC News is reporting that Attorney General Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett are the administration's point persons going so far as to arrange a federal autopsy.

It was Holder who tried to convince the Ferguson Police Department not to release the video purportedly showing Brown involved in a strong-arm robbery.

He also ordered local authorities to stop using armored tanks -- even though officers were fending off Molotov cocktail bombs. It was a decision that in essence led to government sanctioned lawlessness.

The LA Times reports Jarrett and Holder have been discussing their game plan with the likes of Al Sharpton.

So while President Obama whacks golf balls and dances the two-step in tony Martha's Vineyard, his administration is in cahoots with a bona fide race hustler.

Starnes double downed his claims on Tuesday during an interview with The Alice Stewart Show. Starnes has accused Obama of having a racial bias in the past, giving Obama the nickname "Race-Baiter in Chief."

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