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Four Colorado fourth graders are in trouble for dealing marijuana

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that Colorado’s Greeley's Monfort Elementary School officials reprimanded four fourth graders (3 boys and a girl) for dealing marijuana on the school’s campus. The story sounds more like a Comedy Central South Park plot than an actual event. South Park is an adult cartoon involving four fourth-graders from Colorado that always find trouble.

Marijuana sales are thriving in Colorado.
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CNN reports the incident began when a 10-year-old boy sold a bag of marijuana to three classmates for $11. When one of the students didn’t have his share of the payment, he traded a candy bar laced with marijuana.

A child who wasn’t part of the arrangement reported the incident to an adult. The school will punish the children without using any expulsions or suspensions. School officials didn’t elaborate on the punishment. They also asked parents to do a better job of keeping their marijuana away from children. A local Colorado station posted a letter on their website asking anyone who cares for children to handle marijuana like prescription drugs, weapons or alcohol. Marijuana should be kept locked away from youngsters.

The adults won’t be charged with any crimes since they bought their marijuana legally. Colorado and Washington State are the only two states in America to allow legal marijuana.

Legal marijuana is a highly debated topic, Colorado opened for business on January 1, 2014. People of all ages stood in the cold weather waiting to buy marijuana. Although Colorado hasn’t fine-tuned all the details involving marijuana sales, the passage is expected to benefit Colorado with millions in tax revenues. Colorado officially passed the legalization of marijuana in 2012.

Other states have noticed the success of legal marijuana and want to get involved in selling recreational marijuana. The ProCon website states that as of April 16, 2014, twelve states have pending legislation to legalize medical marijuana.

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