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Four adults, 2 children shot to death in murder-suicide in Greenwood County

Greenwood County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the a murder-suicide in which four adults and two children were shot.
Greenwood County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the a murder-suicide in which four adults and two children were shot.
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A couple, their daughter and two grandchildren were shot to death in a home Tuesday afternoon in Greenwood County.

And investigators said the man who bound them with duct tape and shot them also killed himself.

The investigation began shortly before 6 p.m. when the suspect called 911, according to the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office.

The caller, later identified as Mr. Bryan Eugene Sweatt, 27, of 722 Truett Ave., told the operator he needed an officer at 2007 Callison Hwy., according to the 911 tape. The operator asked him what was wrong.

“Oh, I'm just stressed out and I’m about to take my life,” he said.

He told the operator he was armed with a .44 magnum. In the background, someone kept crying. And then a woman spoke.

“Bryan, don’t point at me,” a woman said, crying.

The operator asked what was going on and then the call was disconnected.

Officers were enroute when another call came in from a neighbor who identified herself and gave her address.

“I just got four kids at my door that says that somebody just killed their mama,” the neighbor said.

The oldest of the children, who is believed to be 7 years old, reported that the man shot their mother and tied up their grandparents and the two children, according to the police report.

She said her mother was in the bedroom near the living room while her. grandparents along with the two children were all in a back bedroom tied up.

It’s unclear at what point they were all shot.

Investigators said the shooting stem from a domestic dispute between Mr. Sweatt and one of the victims, Ms. Chandra Fields, who had a 7-month-old child with Mr. Sweatt.

Mr. Sweatt broke into the Ms. Fields' parents home and her mother’s phone to text her, Capt. Dale Kittles said.

"I need you here now,” he said.

Thinking, the text was from her mother, Ms. Fields showed up at the home with her four children, deputies said.

When the mother and children arrived, Mr. Sweatt jumped out at them, pointing a gun and ordered Ms. Fields to sit down.

He told the children to go to a neighbor's house.

Investigators believe the grandparents and the two children, who came from school on the bus, were shot before Ms. Fields arrived.

Mr. Richard Allen Fields, 51, was shot twice, according to the county coroner. The autopsy on his wife, Mrs. Melissa Kay Fields, 49, was incomplete, Coroner Mr. Sonny Cox said.

Their daughter, Ms. Fields, 26, of 235 Florida Ave., was shot once, Mr. Cox said.

Tariq Kenyon Robinson, 11, was shot once and his sibling, William Asa Robinson, 9, was shot twice, Mr. Cox said.

Investigators are still trying to determine the motive for the deadly shootings that have shocked neighbors and taxed officers who can’t remember the last time they have had so many victims in one incident.

The State Law Enforcement Division is also assisting in the investigation.

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