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Former television star Judge Joe Brown arrested

According to Fox News on March 24, the star of the canceled television show "Judge Joe Brown" has been arrested and charged with five counts of contempt of court in Tennessee.

Shelby County Juvenile Court officials said the 66-year-old Joe Brown was sentenced to five days in jail after causing an outburst Monday in a child support hearing.

A spokesman for the Shelby County Juvenile Court, chief Magistrate Judge Dan Michael, said the former television judge appeared to have been representing a client who was accused of not paying child support. Michael said Brown caused a spectacle in court by yelling and repeatedly challenging the juvenile court magistrate's authority.

Brown was charged with contempt of court by Magistrate Judge Harold "Hal' Horne. He has since been released from jail.

Brown is running in the Democratic primary for district attorney general, the top prosecutor in Shelby County.

Brown's nationally syndicated television show was canceled last year after fifteen seasons from 1998-2013, according to CBS news.

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