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Former Senator Mark Dayton should not be Govenor of Minnesota



  • Eric H. 6 years ago

    One word comes to mind, 'selfish'...

    We've got enough of those kind of politicians at various levels of government be it local, state or federal. But then again can the words 'selfless' and 'politician' ever be used effectively in the same sentence?

    Fix 'yourself' Mr. Dayton you have zero business in the peoples business until that bears some fruit.

  • Harris 6 years ago

    And what was the 'prominent news magazine' that you chose not to name? Pretty selective and poor journalism i'd say. While i don't know who i'll support in the long run, Dayton is far more qualified than many of our current officials who are in office, i.e. Bachmann (obviously with mental issues), and others who thankfully are no longer....Bush, Cheney, Palin (what a goofball she is!), Coleman was another beaut who lied left and right and then still has supporters. Very sad state of affairs.

  • Ted 6 years ago

    Hey Harris, you didn't read the article did you. You're bash on this writer that she didn't put the magazine name in is completely why you have no credibility here. Look, third paragraph Time Magazine and she even provided a link so you could read for yourself. Stop drinking the cool aid dummy and admit she's pretty darn good at giving facts. And a good writer too. You can't admit that because then you'd agree with her and not be a cool aid drinker. Good writing here!

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    only in mn would people elect this dimwit.

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