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Former Oriole pitcher invents miracle belt

miracle belt
miracle belt

Matt Bruback was a professional athlete for nine years when he made the difficult decision to leave his love of baseball to follow a higher calling, helping kids with autism, ADHD, and other sensory disorders.

As a pitcher, Matt’s coaches were constantly pulling on his uniform trying to get him to FEEL his balance point to make him more consistent in the strike zone. He realized he couldn’t relate what they were trying to get him to feel, so while with the Baltimore Orioles he created a weighted belt to help himself become more aware of his body positioning. With the help of his mother and sister in creating the prototype, Matt created the Balance Pro Sportbelt™ to improve balance for athletes with sensory deficits.

Two years later Matt took the Balance Pro Sportbelt™ to Community Haven, where the belt was redesigned by occupational and physical therapists to help children with sensory needs. During the redesign therapists kept seeing “miraculous” benefits so it was named Miracle Belt™. The Sensory Belt™ was created for larger-sized children, teens and adults. The belts have been tested and certified “child safe” under Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) guidelines.

This belt is used for self-calming, improved focus, increased body awareness, reduced hyperactivity and improved balance.

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