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Former NASCAR driver continues to deny drug abuse

Former NASCAR star Jeremy Mayfield is blaming the sanctioning body along with the media for a failed drug test and the subsequent fallout. Mayfield was suspended by NASCAR in 2009 after he failed a random drug test. He denied any wrongdoing then blaming the results on a combination of medication for ADHD and an over the counter medication for seasonal allergies. He also failed subsequent test which allegedly indicated the presence of methamphetamine.

Jeremy Mayfield was suspended by NASCAR in 2009.
Photo by Todd Warshaw

Mayfield continues to insist that he did nothing wrong and that he was nothing more than a scapegoat for NASCAR; the former driver also said he was denied his legal right to have an independent lab conduct a test on the same sample that was tested by NASCAR.

"All they had to do was say, 'Don't do that again. Don't take Adderall again,” Mayfield told WCCB TV in Charlotte this week. “And if you do, we're gonna test you every week from now on. If you do (test positive), then you're suspended.'"

Mayfield’s troubles only mounted after he was suspended by NASCAR. The former driver refused to take part in NASCAR’s Road to Recovery program which would have eventually allow NASCAR to reinstate him. Instead he sued the sanctioning body and lost. Shortly after Mayfield was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and stolen property. Mayfield and his wife Shana told WCCB that the drugs were planted and the alleged stolen property was purchased from someone who never said the goods were stolen. Adding to their woes the same year of those arrests a postal worker claimed she was attacked by five dogs owned by Mayfield. The animals were put down and the couple ordered to pay $1 million.

Earlier this year Mayfield took a plea deal in the drug possession and stolen goods cased and avoided jail time. He was ordered to pay $88,000 in restitution and serve 18 month’s probation. Mayfield said he took the plea deal so his family could simply move on.

In the interview broadcast this week on WCCB, Mayfield said he asked a question of Dr. David Black, the owner of the lab used by NASCAR that gave two samples that were positive for banned substances.

"Isn't there an ingredient you put in the test itself that takes out the pseudoephedrine, which takes out the Claritin-D, right?" Mayfield says he asked the doctor.

According to Mayfield the doctor replied, "'Yes, yes there is an ingredient we put in.'" Mayfield says he then asked, "What's the name of it?" He claims Black replied, "'Um, I don't recall.'" Mayfield says he then replied, "Oh, you don't recall?" Mayfield goes on to say, "That day, before any court happened, we did have attorneys at that point, but that was the first meeting we had with him. He didn't remember what the name of the compound he put in there to take out (pseudoephedrine) and doesn't even know it. He admitted he doesn't test, he's been done with that for years, but he tested mine. So when you hear all that, it makes you wonder. It makes me wonder."

Shana Mayfield now works at local doctors office as Jeremy continues to try and restart his racing career. He is currently working on his own team in Mooresville North Carolina that he hopes to field a car to race on dirt.

"It is what it is,” Mayfield said. “We got knocked down, beat down to the ground, we got back up and here we are.”

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