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Former local radio host for the former WCOA-FM to continue broadcasting

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According to an Internet message attributed to Rick Outzen, the host of the former local radio program "IN Your Head Radio", he had planned on reviving the concept of the program in the form of a weekly TV program ("IN Your Head TV") during the second half of the month of March during the current calendar year since the station that used to broadcast the radio program on a regular basis (the station formerly known as WCOA-FM in Pensacola, Florida) would no longer do so due to their new programming format. As for the TV station he would use to broadcast the new program, he would use WUWF-TV, the public-access TV station at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida, to do so (folks outside of Pensacola and other parts of Escambia County, Florida may be able to receive the program through the live video stream on the official World Wide Web site for WUWF-TV since their programming is not broadcast over the air and not available on cable TV systems outside of Escambia County or any satellite TV system anywhere).

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