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Forget me Knots and feeding the hungry

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Last month I wrote a story at the Huffington Post about BeCause Jewelry, which donates to world hunger relief. One of the items they sell is a necklace called a Forget-me-Knot.

Every time you buy a Forget-me-Knot a donation is made to the World Food Program USA. I had seen Forget-me-Knots before. As it turns out there was a similar fundraiser all the way back during World War I.

Only then it was a flower called a Forget-me-Not and sales benefited hunger relief in Belgium. The country had severe food shortages from the fighting between Germany and the Allies.

The Commission for the Relief of Belgium, led by Herbert Hoover, needed to raise funds to feed the hungry. Children were the most vulnerable to the malnutrition caused by the war.

The Forget-me-Knot of today can also help feed war victims in Iraq, Syria, South Sudan and other countries. The World Food Program USA donations support food aid in these and other countries.

Whether it's selling a flower or a necklace the message is simple. Even though you may be far away, do not forget about the hungry.