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Foreign policy in the rear view mirror

Leaders have vision, policy, plans, and strategy. What does President Obama have when it comes to foreign policy? What happened to brute force intellect? Well, what voters should be witnessing and learning is that being intellectually brilliant is not adequate when it comes to governing a complex nation like the USA. It takes maturity based on exceptional experience as an executive who is equipped with vast knowledge and wisdom. President Obama didn’t have that going into office, and toward the end of his second term there is just too much to catch up. He never made the grade.

Leaders are empty
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Evidence is in his admission today that he doesn’t have a strategy to defeat the Islamic State in Syria. He said that the U.S. can pound the Islamic State in Iraq, but until and unless the Iraqi federal government coalesces around pluralistic representation, Islamic State or something like it will be back in business as soon as the U.S. and allies back away.

Apply that to Islamic State in Syria. The U.S. foreign policy opposes the Bashar al Assad regime, one that leads with minority power over a Sunni majority. That is the same circumstance as a Shiite power dominating Sunnis and other minorities in Iraq. In all of the Middle East, sooner or later, governance among people must become pluralistic and democratic to become an integral part of the free world.

That point is the foundation on which policy can be built. From the principle that governments must be pluralistic and democratic, the U.S. and the free world can begin strategies to convince people to embrace the principle. The only way that people will embrace change is when their lives will become measurable better. Measurably better lives come from stable and sustainable economies.

What is the Islamic State offering people?

  • A land of their own
  • Governance by Sunni ideology

What they don’t offer, and can’t offer is security, peaceful existence, and prosperity. Islamic State cannot offer these things because they will remain isolated from the free world. Worse, because of their warring nature, they will be in perpetual combat until they are inevitably defeated militarily. At that point, people will be back to the fundamental quest for security and economic sustainability. For a large number of people, the longer they wait, larger will be the number of people for which their may be no capacity to accommodate them.

As the world transforms away from oil, Middle East nations will become economically stranded and politically isolated.

Mr. President, it is unacceptable that you have no strategy for fighting ISIS.

"Obama Says ‘We Don’t Have A Strategy Yet’ for Fighting ISIS

Zeke J Miller @ZekeJMiller 5:44 PM ET

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