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Food chain Chipotle kicks off comedy series on Hulu

Chipotle, known for its animated short films over the past years promoting the quality of their ingredients, takes it a step farther with a four part comedy series premiering February 17 on Hulu. The comedy series Farmed and Dangerous is that snarky look at what is being done to our food.

Chipotle's satircal comedy series premiere on Hulu
courtesy of Chipotle

Farmed and Dangerous, tagged “a bumper crop of lies and deceit,” will reach those who might not have been food curious as to the source of their food.

Restaurant News reported, "Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks,” “Mad Men,” “24”) plays Buck Marshall, the “spin master” from the Industrial Food Image Bureau (IFIB – get it?) who is tasked with damage control. To keep exploding cow videos from going viral, he recruits his beautiful (and, we assume, equally evil) daughter to seduce the noble and good-looking small farmer named Chip, who threatens to harness the power of social media to expose Animoil’s dirty deeds.”

The series is not an ongoing commercial for Chipotle as reported from the New York Times, Chipotle is mentioned only once in the series.

Farmed and Dangerous aids in supporting Chipotle’s brand “Responsibly Raise” as well as enlightening the general public to question the source of their food and how it got to their table.

In the words of the Farmed and Dangerous's spin master, “those people died of eating, not starving, that is progress.”

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