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Following Burger King and Taco Bell, McDonalds USA removes ammonia in products

In the United States, Burger King and Taco Bell have already abandoned the use of ammonia in their products and McDonalds has finally agreed to do so as well. In an Anti GMO Foods and Fluoridated Water post dated, August 2, famous, young chef and presenter Jamie Oliver was given credit for winning this battle against the fast food giant McDonalds.

The US National Library of Medicine lists Ammonium Hydroxide in the Hazardous Substance Data Base as: POISIONOUS.

According to Oliver, fatty parts of beef are “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of a McDonald's burger. Ammonium hydroxide is used as an anti-microbial agent in meats, which has allowed McDonald’s to use otherwise “inedible meat.” “Basically, we’re taking a product that would be sold in the cheapest way for dogs, and after this process, is being given to human beings, ” said Jamie Oliver, who has undertaken a war against the fast food industry.

Ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health. Because the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) considers it part of the “component in a production procedure,” consumers may not even know when the chemical is in their food. “Why would any sensible human being put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children?” asked Oliver who has also demonstrated to children how nuggets are made with the chicken fat, skin and internal organ remains being processed for these fried foods.

Arcos Dorados, the franchise manager in Latin America, said such a procedure is not practiced in the region nor is it practiced in Ireland and the United Kingdom, where they use meat from local suppliers. The franchise denies that the decision to change the recipe is related to Jamie Oliver’s campaign but on their offical site, McDonald’s has admitted that they have abandoned the beef filler from its burger patties.

Did you know Kraft, McDonalds, and Betty Crocker all use different ingredients in their products outside of the US? See:


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